Guitar Tricks Free Trial

I’ve been using Guitar Tricks for many years; their “Core Learning System” method has been highly successful for learning to play the guitar and mastering different styles and techniques.

Like me, many wannabe guitarists have either started the free trial period or purchased their discounted monthly or yearly subscriptions by visiting the available coupons webpage; yet a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the Guitar Tricks Free Trial, complete with answers to the most frequently asked questions, was lacking.

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The Free Trial Sign-up Process

The Guitar Tricks free trial sign-up process can be synthesized into 4 simple steps detailed below:

  1. Visit the trial landing page

    The landing page will look like this:

    Guitar Tricks Free Trial Signup Page

  2. Enter your e-mail address or continue with your social account

    After entering your e-mail address, review and agree to the terms of service by ticking the relevant checkbox, then click on the “CONTINUE WITH EMAIL ADDRESS” button.
    Otherwise you can continue the sign-up process using your facebook or google account.

    Guitar Tricks Free Trial Account Credentials

  3. Enter your details for eventual future payment

    The preferred payment option (credit card or paypal) and related data entered will be used only if you would like to continue with their video lessons once the trial period is over; in this regard, on this page, it is confirmed that:

    • you won’t be charged during the whole trial period
    • you won’t be charged if you cancel your subscription during the trial period
    • you will always have the option, at any time, to get a full refund of the subscription cost within 60 days of being charged

    Guitar Tricks Free Trial Payment Details

  4. Enter your remaining details to create your new account

    After filling in the required information to create your new account, click on the “Start your free trial” button; your registration will be completed and your trial will begin.

Using the Guitar Tricks Free Trial Membership

The Guitar Tricks free trial member gains access to the same area of the Web site reserved for active subscription users and, just like them, is provided with the entire Guitar Tricks training library. As shown in the image below, video lessons are organized into three macro sections:

  • Beginner Lessons

  • Experienced Lessons

  • Song Library

Guitar Tricks Free Trial Membership

This free trial can serve as an opportunity to explore their learning paths provided in the Beginner Lessons and Experienced lessons sections, both of which are based on the proprietary “Core Learning System” method.

Guitar Tricks Core Learning System

Furthermore, the free trial is long enough to learn to play one or more of the songs included in our Song Library; to date, it counts more than 1,000 tracks, and new songs are added every week.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial FAQs

  • How long is Guitar Tricks Free Trial?

    The trial is 14 days long. It is a popular business practice to offer a two-week trial period for their product or service; Guitar Tricks, in this regard, makes no exception.

  • Does the Free Trial Really Give Me Access to Everything?

    The Guitar Tricks Free Trial is not a stripped-down version of their membership – it is exactly the same; hence, it grants access to all the content in the dedicated area.

  • Can I still benefit from promo offers if I sign up for the free trial?

    Of course. Guitar Tricks constantly offers discounts on the membership cost; to take advantage of one of these offers, you need to enter its promo code in your account, either if the trial period is still ongoing or if you cancel it before its expiration date.

  • Why do I need to use a credit card for the free trial?

    Using your credit card or Paypal to sign up for the free trial is required principally to prevent multiple subscriptions by the same user; in fact, should you not be asked for payment details, at the end of the free trial, you would only need to register again using fake credentials (name and e-mail) to get a new trial period. You could go on indefinitely with this unfair behavior.

    However, requesting payment details is still something that customers generally dislike; Guitar Tricks, in this regard, offers a full refund of the subscription cost, no questions asked, within the first 60 days after the payment date.

  • Is the Guitar Tricks app free? Is that the free trial?

    The Guitar Tricks app, available on iOS and Android operating systems, is free; you can use your subscription on smartphones and tablets, whether active or expired. You can consider the app a complement to the restricted area accessed on the website.

    As such, it is different from the free trial, which is not an app but, as already stated, is a free, two-week trial period in which you can enjoy all of Guitar Tricks’ educational library.

  • How do I cancel my guitar tricks free trial?

    During your trial period, you can cancel your active trial subscription at any time; simply log in and click on “Cancel Membership” option in your profile; this way, the cancellation will be immediate, and you will not be charged whatever payment method you chose while signing up.